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Korea’s first drinking ampoule containing horse placenta extract from Jeju Island and milk thistle extract (silymarin), 

high contents of  vitamin B Complex and the content of oriental herbal such as pomegranate, angelica, peony, 

AtractylodesmacrocephalaKoidzumiPleuropterusmultiflorus TURCZ. and Milk vetch root




Horse placenta contains approximately 4~12 times more the amount of amino acids than

pig placenta or human placenta. 

There are some types of amino acid that exist only in horse placenta.




Fatigue, headache relief 

Fatigue relief and liver detox 


Boost of metabolism

Horse placenta’s amino acids and bioactive substances boost metabolism and milk thistle as a powerful detoxifier and a regenerator for the liver cells also contribute to it 



Skin regenerating, whitening, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging effects

Prevention of dark spots, freckles, wrinkles, rough skin with whitening effects. 


Prevention of menopause 

Prevention and treatment of menopause and anti-aging effects.