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Nefer TI TI Solution

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Nefer TI TI Solution
High Molecular Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides
Growth Factors & Vitamins Complex

Nefer TI TI Solution is ?
It is a product developed in BNC Korea biotechnology lab by blending various active ingredients such as coenzyme, mineral, vitamins and many other peptides based on Stem Cell Cultivation

Effect of Nefer TI TI Solution
It is high functional next generation cosmeceutical product in activating cells and regenerating skins bu using non-animal hyaluronic acid produced from cultivated microorganism and high purity active ingredients.

Skin senility is caused by decrease in cell growth factor.      

Nefer TI TI Solution suppresses skin senility by preventing cell growth factor decrease.

•Rich active ingredients containing Medical Cosmetic Brand targeting perfect Anti-Aging skin
•Cell Growth Factor
•Necessary Amino Acids


[ Nefer TI TI Program [Treatment Process ] 

Step 1. Cleansing extrofoliating  

- Light extrafoliating after cleansing (pH3.5)
-‘Discard keratin and relax pores using scrubber

-For scaling use glycholic or latic materials used in the clinic 

Step 2. Skin balance



- Use less irritating but highly hydrating toner to sooth skin


Step 3. Solution insertion[1use:2ml] 

-Absorb solution using materials such as MTS


Step 4. Lymph massage


 -Massage using finger pressure along the skin grain.


Step 5. Mask


-Excellent recovery and skin relaxation effect after Peeling or Laser Treatment

-Faster relaxation of irritated skin if using refrigerated mask due to coolness

-Depending on skin type, addition of one drop of essential oil boosts the effect


Step 6. Finish[Relaxation] 

-Finishes skin relaxation using Aloe Vera gel
-When clearing skin, use Aloe Vera gel to soothe and use cold stick to give coolness


Step 7. Finish[Recovery]

-Skin recovery Laser 10minutes
-Finish using makeup base such as suncream or BB cream 
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Nefer TI TI Solution