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White Organia Homme Elessys Intensive series

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  • Size170 * 60 * 212 mm
  • Weight748 g
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T
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  • Unit Price 19800 KRW
    (18.34 USD)
  • Minimum Order Quantity 18 Pieces
  • Shipping CompanyDHL
  • Product TypeDox
  • Payment Card
Gold plus trader Gold Plus Trader


  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information

White Organia Homme Elessys Intensive series

│ Description │ 


    Aloe, Rice, Chinese matrimony vine which are good for soothing and moisturzing skin fermented as a lactobacillus germ is contained then helping to ease skin trouble. Suitable for all type of skin and make skin fresh.

    - Homme elessys intensive toner [Anti-wrinkle functional cosmetic]
    Make Brightening men's skin, Intensive toner. Containing natural extract hydrates fully and make ideal moist&oil skin balance. Moisturizing stickyless type toner. 

    - Homme elessys intensive emulsion [Anti-wrinkle functional cosmetic]
    Make Brightening men's skin, Intensive emulsion. Various botanical extract absorbed into skin fast and softely. Helping absorption of next applying cosmetic step with natural hydration ballance.

    -Homme elessys intensive toner [Anti-wrinkle*whitening double functional cosmetic]Sample 
    -Homme elessys intensive emulsion [Anti-wrinkle*whitening double functional  cosmetic]    Sample 

    Effecacy : Help to anti-wrinkle. good for skin brightening. 
    Description : Apply onto skin evenly.



    │ Specification │

    *Capacity or weight : 150ml/100ml/30ml/30ml
    *Product Highlights : All Skin Types
    *Terms of use, or period after opening : marked separately
    *How to use

    *Country : Korea